Special Thanks to:  Fr. Jim Krische, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Susan Sabiston, Bill Latta, Emily Mae Smith, Leah Wolff, Adam Henry, Brock Enright, Q Liu, Bulbs, Sister Big Stuff, Neil Molitoris, Robert Longo




(7/29/09) For immediate release 
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Convent of St. Cecilia 21 Monitor St.  Brooklyn, NY 


Friday, August 28th, 2009  
6pm-9pm with performances by Bulbs and Sister Big Stuff  

August 29th and 30th: 12:00 - 5:00
September 5th and 6th: 12:00 - 5:00  

Now also open on:   
September 10th, 11th, and 12th:  12:00-5:00
Or by appointment

 “Room tone is a location's "aural fingerprint” . . . Every location has a distinct presence of subtle sounds created by ambient sound sources and the reverberation of those sounds within the location . . . Room tone is recorded during the sound recording of a film production. It is used to  match the production sound track so that it may be intercut with the track and provide a continuous-sounding background.”   

“A convent may refer to a community of priests, religious brothers, religious sisters, or nuns, or it  may refer to the building used by the community”  


An exhibition reflective of our contemporary atmosphere, Room Tones  is also a return to an early and influential  site of western art.  The Catholic convent of St. Cecilia in Greenpoint was once a robust institution, home to a steady then slowly decreasing number of nuns until it was closed and vacated in 2008.  Like many empty storefronts throughout New York City, the situation of this particular convent is a barometer of the complex social and economic changes taking place in Greenpoint and its neighboring L train enclaves. Spiritual views and orientations aside, Father Krische, pastor of St. Cecilia, has generously worked with organizer Nathan Spondike and his team making Room Tones an event that will reinvigorate this unique 97-year-old building into a testament of the new thoughts and ideas emerging from artists around it.    

Room Tones  is a collaborative exhibition of 25 highly diverse artistic peers within the vacant Convent of St. Cecilia. Reflections of the nuns' former usage of the space permeate this momentary rehabitation. Inside this once highly private and exclusive residence, the artists have each been given an individual room to provide an intimate and singular view of their work. In addition, a selection of further pieces will be displayed in dialogue throughout the dining hall, parlor, basement, bathrooms, and hallways.  Various video works from selected contributors will be screened along with opening night music performances by the San Francisco based “Bulbs” and Brooklyn duo  “Sister Big Stuff” in the convent’s unique prayer chapel. 

Organized by Nathan Spondike

Website by Julio Cesar Gonzalez


Rebecca Adams
 - Paolo Arao - Jason Bartell - Nathan Dilworth 
Brock Enright - Aaron Frank - Chris Georges - Julio Cesar Gonzalez 
Colt Hausman - Adam Henry - Colin Hunt - Brian Kain - William Latta 
Qing Liu
 - Molly Lowe - Owen McAuley - Susan Sabiston 
William Sabiston - Mike Schreiber - Emily Mae Smith - Nathan Spondike Ryan Sullivan -  Kristina Williamson - Leah Wolff  - KatherineWolkoff